Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lets keep Our Toilet Clean.....

Toilet or lavatory gives you the first impression of any place or home you visit. A clean and tidy toilet speaks more than a beautiful host. Moreover, it is the only place where we have the complete freedom to be ourselves. It is a place where we express our emotion; someone would run into that place to cry and someone would be laughing evoking a moment, someone would be preparing for a exam here. Most of the confessions are made here. It is for sure one of the best place for brainstorming. The majority of our ideas and plans are born within those four walls.
We love visiting a clean toilet yet we never bothered to keep it clean. Whoever visit a dirty and messed up toilet would come out covering their nose and spitting. it is us who created the mess and we should take up the responsibility to keep it clean. Bhutan Toilet Organization, a non-profit NGO is one of the best initiatives any individual can take up. Who would have ever thought of toilet? When the entire nation is running up for other sort of foundation. It is one simple step for an individual to contribute. Thank you Bhutan Toilet Org.!!! People will never appreciate when you say you have cleaned a toilet indeed they would say,”Khai, toilet ya, Kham lo si si bay”. I have my own friends saying this and on the other side I have people who said cleaning a public toilet is equivalent to a “rimdro”. Whatever the notion is, having a clean and organized toilet is all we desire.
Last November 2015, I had the chance to be a part of “Bhutan Urgent Run Campaign” : make Public Toilet a better Place (1-18 November 2015) to observe the World Toilet day on the 19th November. We cleaned three toilets in Punakha. Despite the hardship we faced, our hard work was worth it. It had been one of the most satisfying work I have ever done till now. Having a clean toilet will provide a better and healthy space to live in. Let’s keep our toilet Clean; it is just a matter of one flush.

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  1. Nice post Miss. Passang... Never heard of it but you gave me a big news..... Last the ORG....