Saturday, 7 May 2016

Happy Mothers' Day

“The touch of her hand, the sweetness of her laughter, the taste of her food, the warmth of her hug, the depth of her love… she is the most special person on this earth”.
As the world celebrates this beautiful day, I can’t hold back myself from jotting down few lines for all the mothers and especially my mom. There won't be a better day then this to appreciate and acknowledge our mothers. Life won’t be that easy without her. Mother is a relationship that can’t be bought or neither be replaced. She is the first person to embrace you wholeheartedly and shower you with immense love. The person who sacrifices her time to nurture us, the person who fights for our right and the person who wakes up at an odd hour to attend us, she has done so much. It is time we pay back our gratitude. Mother’s day is a special day for the world. It is a day to remind us how special a mother is. Thank you all the Mothers for being an amazing mother and nurturing us. Salute to all the mothers.
For my mother:
It is a mother’s day and unlike others, I can’t text her since she won’t understand it. All I could do is chew over the memories and pray for her long life.
“You are my strength, confidence and weakness. I am so blessed to be born to you…You have been a wonderful mom and I love you with all my heart. You are the person in whom I found my life and on whom I shower my love.  A thought of losing you scares me to death. I wish if I can make you stand by my side forever. A smile on your face means a lot to me. I may not have been a good daughter but I am trying my best to be the best one. My world revolves around you. I am truly blessed to have you on my side as my guidance. Thank you for loving me immensely. I love you always and forever”.
 As the world joins in to celebrate your day, I silently pray for your long life and happiness. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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