Friday, 28 December 2018

Agriculture as I see it......

Hungry and Naked, that’s where life would be on the earth without Agriculture. Somewhere, I have choose to become an Agriculturalist; serving and feeding the people which gives me immense satisfaction and happiness.

It was a choice I made some years ago without any thought on how my future will look ahead with this profession. Growing up in a country side, both my parents were farmer, thus Agriculture and farming wasn’t new to me and nor I am fresh to this profession.

It was then I realized how beautiful it was to be born as a country girl. Back then farming and agriculture were one profession ignored by many youth. It isn’t a simple occupation any one can opt for. Being an agriculturalist is being a farmer which requires a true dedication, immense sacrifices, and patience. I have chosen it without any reflection and thought on how I could carry out my profession. Today as I chew back and look over myself, I feel contended with what I have decided years ago.

The happiness and satisfaction you get seeing your work, the product you enjoy from your hard work, the timely natural beauty each crop gives you with their flowers and fruits are just worth watching. Its here I find true happiness and peace. Despite having to work out both in rain and sun, the pleasure you derive from agriculture gives you a satisfaction. Working back with the soil is always fun and worth it. In all these years, I have learnt to become more patience and it is truly the best part of me becoming an agriculturalist. Now as I walk through this profession, I am finally living my dream of being a fine farmer one day. Slowly, as i fall in love with my work and I look forward to it take it far...........

Basking in the warmth of Maize!!!

Straight from the Heart of Paddy Field

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