Friday, 4 July 2014

Just the way you are

It was just yesterday I found my lost drive and without any second thought I am posting this for you. Actually it was written on your birthday; I am sorry for the delay. Any ways a happy belated birthday!!!
I always remember you as that friend equipped with perfection. The first time we ran into each other, we were like “God! I hate that girl”. I vividly remember how Denka and I talked behind you. We were completely wrong then. You are a total opposite of what we thought. Today if I were to describe you, words are not enough to do that. Still I am here with a paragraph for you on your special day:
You are that daughter; every parent would love to have!!!
You are that sister; every sibling wish to have!!!
You are that student; every teacher would love to have!!!
You are that friend; everyone would love to be around!!!
You are that friend with both beauty and brain.  Your presence makes our group homely and lively. You are a great decision maker and of all a very caring friend. With you around us, we feel safe and sound. All I could say is you are just you.
It had been seven wonderful years knowing you. I am happy that in you I found one of my best buddies. Today our bond has become more like peas in a pod. As you celebrate your birthday, I celebrate our friendship. We wish you load of luck, happiness and success. Remember! Be what you have been and you are perfect the way you are now. We love you just the way you are!!!!